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People are beginning to rave about a brand-new approach to losing weight and staying fit that is allowing thousands around the world to lose as much as 20 pounds of fat in 3 weeks – while building muscle … with only a 90 SECOND commitment to keep it up!

Just imagine…

In 3 short weeks, you will lose so much weight and inches off your waist that your friends may think you are part of some weight-loss boot camp. Your arm and leg muscles will be getting toned and feel great. Your energy will be the best you can remember. And instead of a grueling “boot camp”, it takes you 90 seconds before each meal.

Within a month, your “MobileMinutes” become a part of your life – easy to do, easy to fit in, easy to stay consistent with – and incredible results. You will know this is something you can maintain for life – and sooner than you can imagine possible, you will find yourself in your personal optimal physical condition.

As the Chief Content Director of the Dr. Phil Show and the Chairman of his Advisory Board, Dr. Phil and I hear from many people who struggle to lose weight – People simply aren’t able to stay on traditional diets and exercise programs long-term.

    If you’ve ever been “good” all day, then raided the kitchen at night…
    If you’ve ever felt like you are eating tiny portions of food you don’t like….
    If you’ve ever had to skip exercise because of lack of time….
    If you’ve convinced yourself you like exercise when really all you want is the body…
    If you’ve failed at traditional diets and exercise plans, or reached a plateau…
    If any of these things apply to you, then you have to finally be told why:

Changing how you eat and adding exercise all at once is a MASSIVE change that your body automatically “fights” off.

Big changes trigger the body’s automatic “fight or flight” response – which subconsciously causes you to end the thing you changed and go back to your old ways! Your body thinks that because you are eating less there must be a famine and that because you are exercising you must be running from danger. So your body automatically does something to force you to end your weight-loss program – whether you get too busy, too stressed, or you get sick or suffer an injury, something always comes up to force you to stop.

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of other supporting science as to why MyMobileMinute™ is so effective for weight loss and weight maintenance. I wouldn’t be involved if there wasn’t. But you don’t need to know about electrons to use a light switch. MyMobileMinute is the “light switch” for your weight loss and long-term optimal health.

As a psychologist, I can tell you that it just will NEVER get any easier than this. It’s a 90 second commitment. That’s it. There’s no possible excuse. EVERYONE has 90 seconds to set aside for their health – EVERYONE. In return, you get all the benefits of traditional exercise – improved health, weight loss and the ever-growing laundry list of other benefits that come from regular exercise.

This program gives you all the benefits of traditional exercise – EXCEPT – without the time commitment, without the pain, without the sacrifice and without the injuries.

And again, as a psychologist, the mental approach that MyMobileMinute uses is the only way weight loss and maintaining it is practical from a psychological perspective. I stake my over 40 years of experience and reputation in the field on this absolutely ground-breaking development. It changes everything about weight loss and staying fit for EVERYONE. No matter what your current condition is, how busy you are, or how stressed you may be – you can do MyMobileMinute.

MyMobileMinute is a series of Pre-Meal “Primal Movements Patterns” that are specifically designed to burn fat and calories.

Our ancestors survived by hunting and gathering for their food, and by fleeing from prey. This “Survival Activity” triggers an instinctual “primal metabolic response” from our bodies to optimize the absorption of calories and nutrients in order to make us stronger and better able to hunt, gather and flee from predators.

MyMobileMinute triggers this “Primal Metabolic Response” with a simple 90 second fitness routine. The MyMobileMinute Program provides you with the training as well as Online Nutrition Coaching that guides you through a series of gentle “adjustments” to your eating habits, so that you never make the big changes that naturally overwhelm you!

It’s time for you to take advantage of your “Primal Metabolic Response” with MyMobileMinute and get into your optimal physical condition!

Here’s a full list of the benefits of doing MyMobileMinute

  • Experience the benefits of exercise without the time or effort!
  • MyMobileMinute™ ignites your metabolism – and keeps it optimized all day long, burning calories instead of storing them as fat!
  • Suppresses your appetite and makes you crave healthier foods – naturally – and automatically. The MyMobileMinute™ system guides you to gradually adjust your eating habits.
  • Reduces occurrences of minor illnesses, and the risk of developing serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • People who do MyMobileMinute™ report skin conditions clearing up, elimination of digestive problems including acid reflux and ulcers, reversal of chronic medical issues including prostate issues and bursitis.
  • Practical for busy people who do not have time for conventional exercise programs.
  • Effective for people of all ages – no matter what your current physical condition is!
…And the proof speaks for itself …

This last week’s exercises have suited me unusually fine, so things are
really going well. The scale shows a drop of about 30 lbs and my girth about 4 inches in the five weeks
that I have been on the program.
– Karl-Erik

Loving my new found energy from doing these simple excercises. – Benny D.

I lost 23 pounds in 8 weeks!!! Truly ground-breaking program from a psychological perspective. Thank you! – Dr. Kat, psychologist

“MyMobileMinute helped get me back into my pre-pregnancy weight.” – Niloofar P., Calabasas, CA

MyMobileMinute helps me to connect with my power, as I am a 69 year old lady living in Oslo, Norway. Here we experienced the terror on July 22,2011 of one man’s actions killing many, many people. My life partner almost died, but is now safe. The MyMobileMinutes are short enough to let me focus on just those few seconds to help in such a horrible time. Love from Norway !!! – Inger E.

Thank you so much for week 3. Powerful support. I really needed to hear that. I’m applying it to my job situation. My responsibility is to remember who I am and how I want to be. I will be looking at that clip some more this week. Thanks again. – Lois C.

This program has reinforced my best eating habits and diminished my sometimes too frequent indulgences on cake and cookies. – Deborah F.

It’s no wonder Dr. Phill recommends your services. Thank you. – Deborah W.

What can I say, I am so impressed by your program. All the exercises are great fun and achievable, even for someone like myself. – Antoinette H, Christies Beach, Australia

But Wait! That’s Not All… The MyMobileMinute System Re-Trains Your Mind For PERMANENT Weight Loss…

The MyMobileMinute™ ULTRA-1 Edition Includes Everything You Need To Lose Up To 25 pounds in 4 weeks While Making MyMobileMinute™ A Fun, Easy and Healthy Habit For Life! !

But that’s just the start.

The MyMobileMinute™ System is your insurance policy to ensure that you seal in your amazing results for years and years to come. Even though I know that MyMobileMinute™ is a revolutionary approach to weight loss, I knew that you needed a system to LOCK IN your incredible weight loss, or you might risk having a relapse…

This was not a chance we were willing to take. So we developed a technology that allows you to meet interactively with your trainers and coaches – on your schedule – keeping you on-track and accountable.

The system is ground-breaking – providing you access to invaluable training and coaching that would ordinarily cost thousands of dollars per month. The system gives you online access to some of the leading coaches and trainers in the fields of Nutrition Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Relaxation Coaching, Music Therapy Coaching AND Motivational Coaching! Using the revolutionary Online Wellness Center technology, you are able to directly interface with your Coaches – and you are able to interact with the MyMobileMinute community, supporting each other in your quest for long-term SUSTAINABLE weight wellness.

The MyMobileMinute™ system is designed to give you special “hand-holding” support during your 3 week rapid weight loss phase, while simultaneously re-training you to make your “MobileMinutes” habits for life.

With the MyMobileMinute™ System, you will receive:

  • A step by step video guide with simple instructions on how to do the “MobileMinute” workouts.
  • Weekly meetings with a Nutrition coach who gently makes adjustments to your eating habits OVER TIME – so that you don’t go in one day from how you’re currently eating, to 1200 calories.
  • Weekly meetings with a Wellness Coach that will keep you focused and goal oriented.
  • Weekly meetings with a Relaxation Coach, Music Therapy Coach and Motivational Coach to give you a balanced approach to achieving long-term weight wellness.
  • Interaction with all of your Coaches – on your schedule.
  • Thousands of dollars of services monthly, provided by the leading experts in their fields.

    Try The Entire Mobile Minute System for 67 Days RISK FREE! If for ANY reason you are not 100% Satisfied, simply email us within 67 days from the date of purchase for a full 100% refund. How can we offer this guarantee? Because we are positive you will love MyMobileMinute and the results it gives you!

    MyMobileMinute Quick Start Guide     (Value $129.95)
    Watch the online video and learn what you need to know to get started in under 10 minutes!
    4 Weeks of MyMobileMinute Routines and Online Training.     (Value $39.95)
    Online “Virtual” Interactive Coaching with Celebrity Trainer Michael Carson.
    4 Weeks of MyMobileMinute Online Nutrition Coaching    (Value $39.95)
    The MyMobileminute Routine Naturally Suppresses Appetite – We Guide You To Make Better Eating Choices.
    Plus, order today and get these amazing Bonuses… FREE!
    Bonus #1
    4 Weeks of MyMobileMinute Wellness Coaching    (Value $39.95)

    Online “Virtual” Interactive Coaching with Dr. Kat – Psychologist, Author and Life Coach.
    Bonus #2
    4 Weeks of Relaxation for Weight Loss Coaching by Dr. Frank Lawlis    (Value $39.95)

    Dr. Lawlis is one of the world leading authorities on the use of Imagery for relaxation and weight wellness.
    Bonus #3
    4 Weeks of Music Therapy Coaching.    (Value $39.95)

    Juilliard Trained Gregory Palumbo shows you how to use specific music to create the results you want in life.
    Bonus #4
    4 Weeks of MyMobileMinute INSPIRATIONS.    (Value $39.95)

    Bonus #5
    MindBodySeries Relaxation for Weight Loss Mp3    (Value $19.95)

    Stress prevents weight-loss. This program guides you in releasing stress – which maximizes weight loss.
    Bonus #6
    MyMobileMinute Acceleration Module 1    (Value $19.95)

    The STRATEGIES that will give you the EDGE for Success!
    Bonus #7
    MyMobileMinute Wellness Assessment.    (Value $49.95)

    Get valuable feedback from the team of MyMobileMinute Coaches!

    Having seen how MMM works, it is so realistic because it is so simple – AND IT WORKS. I myself am living proof. After all, at 72 years, 45 lbs in 3 months – and with so little effort – isn’t bad. – Karl-Erik

    I am doing very well with the MyMobileMinute because in the last 3 weeks I have lost 4 Kilo’s.
    I am feeling a lot healthier.
    – Don

    Just finished week one and am ready for week two. Found the mobile minute VERY easy to use and incorperate into my daily routine. I even had to attend a convention 5 of the first 7 days and did all but one mobile minute! No excuses, I just forgot. I have noticed that I don’t need to eat as much during the meal to feel full, which is great. – Karleen

    Starting with the MobileMinute Program 2 days ago, I am amazed and delighted. Actually enjoying the short spur of exercise (which suits me perfectly) – no bother at all! My body feels rejuvenated and more alive already. – Anne Lise

    I Know its only been 2 weeks, I have noticed that my pant legs are getting looser and so is the waist. I exercise before every meal and I also include some of the exercises of the first week. – April

    What if the MyMobileMinute System does not work for me….
    what if I don’t lose the weight?

    Then the ENTIRE “MyMobileMinute” System is FREE!!

    That’s right, I am staking my career on the fact that the MyMobileMinute program will provide rapid results for you when all the other diets have failed you in the past. Here is my guarantee: Purchase the “MyMobileMinute” program and try it for a full 60 days…

    Then, if you are unhappy for ANY reason, simply email us for a
    100% “No Questions Asked” refund of your money!

    How positive am I that you will FINALLY achieve the weight loss you have been seeking for so long?


    How is that for putting my money where my mouth is? Ask yourself this question…do you think I could offer a guarantee like this if the program did not work?

    No way…I would quickly go broke!

    I have taken ALL THE RISK AWAY FOR YOU, now it’s your turn to go for it. Get the body you have always wanted!

    I have a vision for what your life could be like in just a few short weeks after getting the MyMobileMinute program. Imagine blasting away your unwanted fat, and wearing your new, lean, attractive body with confidence and pride…all because you finally conquered one of your major obstacles in life…

    And there are other amazing benefits to losing weight, and having the body of your dreams…

    Soon you’ll be able to attract the right kind of people into your life, and have greater influence over them… and with your new lean physique and confidence, you’ll also have the energy to accomplish your other goals in life…

    …those who are most important to you will gaze at you with awe and amazement because of your new, incredible results, some of them may even become a bit jealous.

    It’s time for you to make a choice…

    Listen: up until this moment, the weight loss industry has kept you confused and misinformed and this has kept you overweight against your will…

    But now, you know differently, and so you owe it to yourself to take responsibility for your destiny…

    You don’t have to struggle with weight loss any longer…

    You don’t have to continue to feel unhappy about your body…

    You don’t have to keep telling yourself that things aren’t as bad as they are, while you secretly wince every time you look at your body in the bathroom mirror…

    But the hard truth is, you’ll only enjoy the amazing body of your dreams if you take action right now…

    The bottom line is this. If you keep doing what you have always been doing… you will look like you have always looked.
    The decision is yours…if you take action today, and start the MyMobileMinute program, you’ll immediately begin to lose weight, and you’ll see and feel the difference within days. I GUARANTEE IT!

    Try the program for a full 67 days…if you don’t lose the weight you want to lose, simply email us for a full 100% “no questions asked” refund ….and keep the entire MyMobileMinute System.

    One of my biggest problems was falling asleep, making my body feel like it was bogging down. But with the relaxation program I can go to sleep and stop my worrying. I feel refreshed and I think it is helping my body metabolize my food better. – Judith (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)

    My input about Mobile Minute is a good report. I have been faithful in all areas. I look better, and feel great. I have my husband doing this right along with me and we keep each other motivated. I like the variety of the work outs, and we get to laughing when we put on that big smile. The work outs fit into both our life styles. Yahoo! – Lois

    I had a terrible accident that left me a quadriplegic. After regaining the use of my limbs, the metal in my neck and back left me extremely stiff. I’ve now been doing MyMobileMinute for about two months and my improvement in flexibility is astounding. I am completely certain that the metabolic boost that MyMobileMinute gives me is increasing the rate and quality of my recovery far beyond the doctors’ expectations. I cannot thank you enough. You must be very proud that you are changing lives. Nick S., England

    These programs are like retraining your mind and understanding life from a different prospective. You can see where you can control your mind and then everything else changes. – Jim (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)

    I have always hit a wall before I had the imagery program. But now I have broken through it like sliced warm butter. Everyone should know about this. It has broken the limitations I had about myself. – Marilyn (Weight Loss Challenger on the Dr. Phil Show)

    *67 Day Money back Guarantee

    Use the MyMobileMinute program for a minimum of 67 days. If, at the end of the 67 days you have not lost the weight you want to lose simply email us for a 100% refund of your money paid. We have taken away all the risk, it’s time for you to experience the power of MyMobileMinute yourself.

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