MyMobileMinute works because it keeps weight-loss and fitness simple. Simple equals sustainable.

  • No excuses. 90 seconds means it takes you longer to procrastinate
  • No travel. Can be done anywhere – we show you how!
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Receive INSTANT access to the MyMobileMinute exercise routines, training, and coaching through the MyMobileMinute online Wellness Center.

Learn a new MyMobileMinute routine each week, then put it before your meals. That simple. Exercises alternate weekly to activate and develop your entire body. Over time, you develop your entire muscular system, especially creating a powerful core.

Getting into your optimal physical condition using MyMobileMinute is a natural, stress-free process that does not demand that you spend hours at the gym or adhere to restrictive diets. And once you attain your optimal condition, you will be confident that you can maintain it for life. It only takes 90 seconds…

The MyMobileMinute program provides a quick, fast, rapid and easy way to lose weight and keep it off long-term. Fast weight loss is done safely by boosting metabolism. With MyMobileMinute, rapid weight loss is easy and becomes a healthy habit.